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Why I am Running

Mayor Bryan Kennedy for Milwaukee County Executive

Milwaukee County needs an Experienced Executive

I’m Bryan Kennedy, Mayor of Glendale and a candidate for 

Milwaukee County Executive. 

I am the only candidate with real executive leadership experience. As a mayor, I balance budgets, provide city services, and make tough decisions that directly impact people’s everyday lives. 

Like the Milwaukee County Executive, the Mayor of Glendale is a 

non-partisan position.

I embrace the non-partisan nature of the job because the important local issues are practical and not partisan.

As County Executive, I will continue to bring people together in spite of their differences to tackle the practical issues we face: protecting our parks; making our transit system more effective; and encouraging more business development. The only long-term solution to our budget problems is expanding our tax base by creating more good-paying, family-supporting jobs.

As County Executive, I will strive for transparency and accountability. You can contact me with questions at

Thank you for your consideration.


Glendale's Success Story


I am the only person in this race with the track record of generating business investment, paying down debt, finding a solution to post retirement obligations, and expanding government services and infrastructure. Let me tell you about Glendale’s success story.

When I was elected mayor in 2015, Glendale had a Tax Incremental Financing debt of $119 million. Four and half years later, that debt is now $19 million. Glendale has had over $55 million in new business investment in the city since I became mayor. When the Bayshore redevelopment is done, that total will be over $150 million.

This year, Glendale lowered its property tax rate by 13% !  We went from a mill rate of $7.87 per thousand to $6.82 per thousand. A majority of Glendale property owners will see their Glendale taxes go down this year.

At the same time, we invested in community priorities.  We have resurfaced streets, added bike and pedestrian trails, and rebuilt infrastructure without assessing homeowners for these improvements. We built an $8 million city park on the site of a former landfill. This was done with over half of the money coming from private donations from local businesses. Thanks to a partnership with the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Nicolet High School, we have a $2.7 million collegiate baseball stadium at that park. We fundraised to build a bike trail connection from Maslowski Park to the Oak Leaf Trail.

Glendale business leaders have rallied to support a new business association and a revitalized convention and visitors bureau. If you look at the city of Glendale, you see success after success. Nearly everyone on the city staff has been hired since I became mayor. We have built a team that works hard to support our residents and values Glendale’s vibrant business community. 

I have the executive experience of being a suburban mayor. I have worked hard to build strong relationships across the region as chair of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council and as a Commissioner on the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Living just two blocks from the City of Milwaukee, I understand the issues of the City and also the suburbs. 

Milwaukee County needs and deserves a County Executive with a proven track record of investing in the community and being responsible with taxpayer dollars. Milwaukee's time is now. Join me in taking Milwaukee County to the next level.


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We cannot win without your help. YOU CAN CHOOSE WHAT AMOUNT YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE after clicking DONATE.